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About Chira

Chira Global Development Organization (CGDO) is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-partisan, non-profit 501 (C) 3 humanitarian organization. CGDO is a charitable initiative that values community development, wellness, and empowerment. We also value diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity as essential initiatives in our work to address challenges and promote more harmony and understanding in our community. 

Chira Global Development Organization (CGDO) was established in 2016 by immigrant community leaders from the Middle East in the Fargo-Moorhead Area (North Dakota-Minnesota) to support New Americans (immigrants and refugees) in the area with their daily questions, concerns, needs, and opportunities. Another goal of Chira is to connect people and communities better to build more trust and common ground yesterday among people and communities of the FM Area and today among Lincolnian and Nebraskan people and communities.  

In 2022, Chira Global Development Organization migrated to Nebraska, specifically to Lincoln City, and it is now officially a legal non-profit 501 (C) 3 humanitarian organization operating under the rules and laws of Nebraska/ Nebraska Secretary of State.

Our Story

“The word CHIRA means a candle, and the philosophy behind it is a candle giving light to the community (lightening the community.)” 

We are a group of immigrant and refugee leaders and members with the support of host community leaders striving to put our community life experience, educational skills, and potential efforts and energies for hopefully adding more ideas and ways of life toward building a more diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity in our community. With your support, we can promote more trust and bonding among people, bridging communities, and collaboration among organizations. As an immigrant and refugee entity, we are stepping in to lead better, serve, and advocate for the needs and concerns of grassroots communities. This stand will help us promote and share more awareness towards our people and communities to serve better Lincolnian people, our community, and our city and state.

Our Mission

Chira Global Development Organization promotes for more support, wellness, empowerment, justice and legal advocacy and assistance for immigrants and refugees and other diverse communities through community education, workforce training, sustainable development, social services and resources, economic empowerment, celebrations, conflict resolution and peacebuilding and legal assistance and advocacy. We encourage people and communities to share their heritage, voices, and ways of life with their large community. We also welcome and assist all people and engage them in shaping their futures and their communities through networking events and community gatherings.

Our Vision

We envision a peaceful world in which all people and cultures are respected and celebrated. We strive to create that peaceful world in our homes, schools, and community.

Five years from now, we envision a more organized and coordinated work that will allow immigrants, refugees, and others more access to beneficial programs, resources, and better opportunities. We also envision a more hopeful and more mindful community that pursues its future promising goals, dreams, and opportunities.  

Our Values

We as Chira Global Development Organization are committed to:


  • Believing in the dignity, worth and value of all people.

  • Creating trust, inclusiveness, and integration among our communities

  • Building bridges of understanding among diverse communities

  • Adopting and standing for human rights and prosperity for everybody and standing against any form of discrimination and biases.

  • Believing in and working toward equity, diversity, inclusion, equality and opportunity for everybody.

  • Standing for and defending New Americans and especially the micro-minorities 

  • Supporting and empowering others through leadership and other developmental skills

  • Adopting transparency, honesty, and democratic processes in our work.

Organizational Initiatives

Strengthen the organization’s communication and work through website, social media tools, print documents and different interactions with media. Sustain strong partnerships with New American groups, organizations, and their leaders who shape the Chira and their community members.  Work toward financial sustainability for Chira and its members.

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